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What counts is not necessarily the size of the

dog in the fight - it's the size of the fight in the dog.

–Dwight D. Eisenhower

Where is my dog @?

The @ symbol is our version of the modern day dog tag. @poochclub we believe that every owner should be connected and informed about their pet chilldren, at all times, from their health and well being to their geo-location. @poochclub look for the @™ sign for: special links and NEED TO KNOW tips about all things dog... from where to find the best products to where to find the best care @poochclub we keep on eye on your links,so that you can spend quality time with your best friend.

Dog tax and tags

Dog licenses have been documented as early as 1446.
However its wasn’t until the 19th century that the metal dog tag was created. Since then people had been making their own version for their dog. More than ornamental, the tag gives the dog a sense of belonging and it gives us the tranquility to know that you will always know where your dog’s @.

Dog Culture Portraiture Dog Painting

  • The Dog Collar Museum

    The collection contains examples
    of collars from fearsome fetters
    for the great hunting hounds of
    the past, to canine couture for
    21st century pooches.
  • Dog & Horse Fine Art

    Dog & Horse Fine Art & Portraiture
    is a source for dog and horse
    paintings and sculptures by top
    quality nationally and internationally
    known artists.
  • William Secord Gallery

    Specializing in fine nineteenth century
    dog and animal paintings. The only
    one of its kind in North America.

Stylemakers WorkwearThe Collector

  • Capricious

    We love Capricious Magazine,
    founded by Swedish photographer
    Sophie Morner. It captivates the eye
    and provides an oasis for discovery
    of artistic talent
  • Atelier E.B

    The Inventors of Tradition collaborated
    with some of the most established
    manufacturers in Scotland to create
    a fashion collection of WORKWEAR.
  • AntiquePooch

    A showcase of antique, vintage and
    special dog collectibles from all over
    the world. Our favorite thing.

Take me with you Shop@home Dog Tunes

  • Crosby Street Hotel

    Inspired by dogs and the art of the
    dog, the Crosby Street hotel in
    New York City is both dog Friendly
    and stylish.

    We think the world of Japan.. and
    DOG-Milk. Our favorite for all things
    dogs, like this new MP3 speaker!
  • Who let the dogs out?


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